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i am not the smartest person on earth but i am 75% shore that your you know what. for women your behind.

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Q: Does the brain receive a greater percentage of Alcohol than other body organs?
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Does the brain receive a greater percentage of alcohol than the other organs?


Which organs does the greater omentum attach?

It attaches to the Greater curvature

Is it true over time all body organs can be impacted by alcohol to some degree?

It is true that alcohol can impact ask organs in the body to some degree over time.

What organs get damgeged in the body after drinking alcohol?

kidneys and then liver

What is a penguin's sensory organs?

Special sensory neurons in sense organs that receive stimuli from the external environment.

What organ covers the digestive organs of the cat?

Greater Omentum

Does alcohol effect the reproductive organs?

Alcohol doesn't directly affect the reproductive organs. It mostly affects the liver and kidneys. However, drinking heavily can keep a person from being able to get pregnant.

Is it good or bad to drink alcohol?

It is bad for you, it is not good for your internal organs.

How many organs affected by alcohol and smoking?

Your entire body is affected.

What is the greater omentum?

The greater omentum is a large fold of the peritoneum. It hangs down from the stomach reaching down to the transverse colon. The greater omentum is filled with fat, preventing heat loss from the organs. It also provides padding to protect the organs.

What is more damaging to your body alcohol or smoking?

I would say alcohol because it kills your liver and other important organs.

Why does alcohol affect men differently then women?

Because men have a stronger matabilizm the women do so they can consume more than women as their body takes it in better and women have difference organs to men in which deal with alcohol differently to how mens organs deal with alcohol. -women are