Does the belt hurt

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Yes, sometimes it leaves bruises on your skin but it wares off in about a week.

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Q: Does the belt hurt
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What if on 99 neon timing belt is wore out did it hurt your motor?

The valves can be bent when the timing belt breaks.

Can you drive your 300m without an air conditioning belt?

Yes. The ac belt only runs the ac and it will not hurt to run with out it.

Driving with power steering pump off will it hurt anything?

other than sluggish stearing driving with the belt off of your motor won't hurt anything as the water pump is run off the timing belt(different belt hidden behind that black plastic)

Does silicon spray lubricant hurt serpentine belts when sprayed on pulleys?

no it doesn't, it protects the belt, but if you overspray the belt might pop out.

Does the asteroid belt help or hurt the major planets of our solar system?

The Asteroid Belt has no effect on any of the major planets of our solar system.

How do you clean USMC white web belt?

I don't see why not. I just threw mine into the wash with the rest of my white laundry. It will not hurt the belt.

Do it hurt worse when you get hit with a thorn switch or a real leather belt?

Both would hurt very bad , but i'd have to go with the switch !! :)

Why is wearing a seat belt on a bus important?

because the bus is big and you wear a belt it is safty even when the bus crash you might not get hurt. constance's answer

Does broken timing belt on 1994 Corolla hurt engine?

No, you are extremely lucky as this is not an interference engine. Belt should be changed every 60,000 miles.

Why is it important to wear a safety belt or seat belt even if your vehicle has an airbag?

If you fail to connect your safety belt and the air bag is deployed as the result of an accident , the air bag could hurt you if not kill you.

Can a timing belt break on 1998 Mercury Villager hurt the engine that has 280000 miles?

The Villager has a non-interference engine. It will not be destroyed if the timing belt breaks.

Will it hurt to drive car with a power steering belt that needs to be greased?

yes because it be slipping