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No. It is a scam.

If it worked everyone would sit around in them all day and look fantastic.

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Q: Does the Bodi-Tek Elite 2 EMS Body Toning kit work?
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What are the best muscle toner routines?

The best muscle toning routines depend on a number of factors including, which parts of the body need toning, how fit the person concerned is and how long a work out is needed. Full body work outs are great for toning all parts of the body.

How does gel work?

Toning gel works as a gel that you rub into the muscles of your body. Toning gels make your skin glisten so that you muscles appear tight and toned.

Does electric massagers work for toning mucles?

Electric massagers usually work for toning muscles

Do the sketchers toning shoes work for anyone?

i have a pair and they do not work for me at all i would get a refund if i was you.

Does toning footwear really work?

Here is a website that offers more information on toning footwear, if it's right for you and what kind of footwear to choose.

What is the perfect fitness machine for toning my legs?

Perhaps the right fitness machine that will really help you tone your legs is the traditional treadmill. The reason being is they work out most of the bottom half of your body.

Is karate a part of fitness?

Karate can certainly be a part of fitness. It provides good stretching and muscle work, toning the body. It also can be very cardiovascular intensive as well as teaching self-control and speed.

What is the best piece of exercise equipment for overall weight loss and toning?

Well, I'd have to say the most ultimate and awesome piece of equipment would be a bow flex. Those machines work out your whole body.

Do elite darts work with the Nerf stampede?

Yes elite darts are the same shape as steamlines so they will work

Why do photographers work with selenium?

Selenium toning preserves black & white images without changing their color.

Which diet plan for weight loss gives you the best results?

What are your specific body needs? There are many different diets that work for different people. Start by searching what you want specifically, be it toning down, getting in shape, or more energy.

Are there any exercises for toning turkey neck known to work?

yea just ask Andre his turkey neck was huge