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Q: Does taking wheatgrass powder makes you feel cold?
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Does chocolate syrup or chocolate powder dissolve faster in cold milk?

Yes, chocolate milk freeze's faster than whole milk?

Will talcum powder dissolve in cold water?

No, talcum powder will not dissolve in cold water. Talcum powder is insoluble in water, meaning it will not mix or dissolve in water at any temperature.

Why do you feel cold after hot water bath?

The hot water on your skin opens your pores, and makes you sweat. The sweat evaporates, taking body heat away - making you feel cold. When your body is cold - you shiver.

How long can wheatgrass juice be refrigerated?

This is what I learned from Dr. Ann Wigmore: "The best time to cut wheatgrass in order to have the highest nutritional content with the best taste, comes from grass cut when it is about 6-10 inches tall. When the wheatgrass reaches its nutritional peak, we cut the whole tray and package it in a storage bag in the refrigerator where it lasts up to 10 days. However, we deliver to the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area the day after our wheatgrass is cut, providing over a week of peak freshness in your home. There is no benefit to keeping a tray and cutting each time you want a shot to drink." Go to to learn more.

Why is space cold what really makes space cold?

Lack of heat makes space cold.

Why do you feel cold after taking hot water bath?

After taking a hot water bath, the blood vessels near the skin dilate to release heat, causing the body's core temperature to drop temporarily. This can make you feel cold until your body temperature stabilizes and the blood vessels constrict to conserve heat.

Can you get pneumonia from taking a cold shower?


Why does a few drops of ethanol poured on your arm feel very cold?

Ethanol is an alcohol-based liquid. Alcohols evaporate when warmed - the heat from your arm causes the ethanol to evaporate - taking the heat from your arm as it does, which makes your skin feel cold.

What will not help you recover from a mild cold?

Taking a Antibiotic is for infections not the common cold.

How do you stop a cold?

by sitting in bed all day and taking cold drops

Why do you get so cold if your clothes are wet?

When You wear wet clothes, your body heat evapourates the water from the clothes by taking it from your body. this dries the clothes. Therefore it makes you feel colder :)

Is the rain cold or hot?

it is warm but wind makes it cold