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It depends but if you breath slow you heart rate will go down. It not harmful this way, just remember to breath.

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Q: Does taking a deep breath affect your heart rate?
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Does taking a deep breath and holding it affect your heart rate?

No, 'fraid not. Your nerves connect with the brain and the heart structure. So the only time when you heart rate changes is when your brain tells it to. For example: when your heart skips a beat (believe it or not, it can actually happen!). Hope this helped! :)

Is it common to have a heart pain everytime you deep breathe?

No, it is not normal to have chest pain when taking a deep breath, this is a possible sign of pneumonia or asthma and needs to be checked by a doctor.The one exception to this is trying to take a deep breath when the weather is very cold.

What do you decrease by taking a deep breath in the water to float?

Your density.

What can be done to control an increase heart rate?

Taking long, deep breaths and lying down can help slow an increased heart rate caused by activity.

How do you say 78945613123654789874656321?

One would say this only after taking a deep breath.

What happens if you run?

your heart will start to bump fast until u breath in deep and out

Can you love so deep in your heart and that affect her can also affect you in life?

yes you can

How does meditation and deep beathing affect heart rate?

In general, after a bit of practice, meditation and *slow* deep breathing slow the heart rate. If one breaths deep and fast, the heart rate will increase.

What it means when he takes a deep breath when he see the girl approaches?

Taking a deep breath when seeing a girl approach could indicate nervousness or excitement. It may be a physiological response to heightened emotions or anticipation.

What do you do when you are a nervous wreck?

Take a deep breath and slow your heart rate down and tell your self its OK.

When was Deep Breath created?

Deep Breath was created in 2003.

What is the duration of Deep Breath?

The duration of Deep Breath is 1.43 hours.