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It has been prooven that Sprite has eased nausea in some cases. It is also a rumor that some alcohol can treat a cough.

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Q: Does soda help to treat sickness?
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What are the importance of medicinal plants?

It help the acient people long ago to treat their sickness because there was no medicines like we have now.If there was nomedicinal plants we cant treat too are sickness because some sickness need medicinal, plants to treat.

What sickness they treat?

Tadpoles are amazing

What are some holistic ways to treat morning sickness?

Some natural ways to treat morning sickness would be to eat small,frequent meals. Keep some crackers on hand at all times. Some people find ginger or peppermint tea can help settle their stomach.

What effect does soda have on a persons throat?

The bubbles in the soda may irritate your throat if you have a sickness such as strept. Although, if the soda is flat, it won't do much to your throat.

Can baking soda treat hiv?


How did people of Stone Age treat wound and sickness?

they let themselves die

What fruit is in tahitian treat soda?

Canada Dry

How can you help sickness?

take it to the vet

What did doctors use thalidomaide for?

Initially as a sleeping pill and then to treat morning sickness in pregnancy.

What are anti sickness drugs?

anti sickness drugs start to help you not to be sick any more

What is a honey bee's stinger made of?

Acid. Treat with baking soda.

How do you treat a caustic soda burn on your skin?

You can treat a caustic soda burn on your skin by putting natural healing substances such as aloe vera gel on the burn areas. This helps the skin heal quickly.