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In my experience yes very much so it opens your lungs allowing you to absorb more THC into your system it also helps clear up the nasty lung butta

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Q: Does smoking marijuana in a steam room get you any higher?
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Can other people smoking marijuana be detected on you?

Marijuana is very high in smell [hehe, pun] So yes. It will in fact be carried on through smell with you when you were in a room when people were/are smoking it.

Does the father smoking weed hurt an unborn child?

No, a father smoking marijuana will not hurt an unborn child. The mother should do her best to stay out of the room, but the father smoking will not hurt.

Can second hand smoking of marijuana cause a misscarriege?

If your in a small room and all the smoke is around you, you will probably have weed in your system for a week if that. If your in a large room you should be fine.

What happens if you are in a room with friends and they are smoking marijuana and you havent been smoking and you get caught?

i believe nothing happens to you since you wernt doing anything? even if you were smoking getting in troouble would be pointless

If you are in the room when someone is smoking does that get in your system and how long does it stay in your system?

Unless the room is a total smoke screen the marijuana wont even register on a urine or blood test. The only way it sill get into your system is if you have direct contact. (i.e. you smoking the marijuana yourself)

Can marijuana put you in the hospital?

No one has ever died or had any serious adverse reactions to marijuana. But there has been visits to the emergency room due to severe panic attacks. the only way yu can get hurt from smoking is by smoking your body weight.

You wasnt in the same room as a person who was smoking weed but i could smell it does that mean that its in my system?

Yes, smelling marijuana means you have internalized a small portion.

I don't smoke marijuana and I haven't had very close contact with it i am in my room and the person smoking it is downstairs in their room could that effect a drug test to be positive?

No it can not but if you drink it could so that might be your problem

What is a steam room in a medieval castle?

Medieval castles had no steam room.

What can give a positive piss test result for thc?

Consuming marijuana can... That's eating or smoking it... Second hand smoke isn't a worry unless you were sitting in the middle of a compression session which is room or car, anywhere that is not ventilated or well ventilated, full of marijuana smoke were your breathing it in as though you were smoking yourself...

What temperatures can be reached in a steam room?

Steam is a product of boiling water. Water boils at 212 degrees F. Steam rooms however are able to maintain a higher temperatures by adding energy and humidity.

What is the duration of The Smoking Room?

The duration of The Smoking Room is 1740.0 seconds.