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You shouldn't really smoke at all, but when you have the flu you really should avoid smoking, as your respiratory system is under distress, and you don't want to make that distress any worse by smoking.

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Smokers get more colds and they tend to be more severe and last longer.

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no smoking is bad for your health

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Q: Does smoking increase chance of flu?
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It lowers the chance

Premature baby deaths from smoking?

possible but smoking does increase that chance

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Can smoking attract Swine Flu?

Smoking can attract swine flu only if you are sharing a cigarette with someone who has swine flu.

How much percentage does your death chance increase if you smoke?

All living things stand a 100% chance of eventually dying. Smoking won't change that. What smoking will do though, is to increase the risk of you dying before you've reached the average age at death.

Is smoking cause flu?

No, smoking cannot cause the flu. Flu is a virus. Cigarettes cannot spawn viruses. However, smoking can weaken your immune system and make you more likely to get sick. It also damages your lungs, so the flu might be more severe in a smoker.

What can increase someones chance of getting cancer?

smoking genetic pre disposition poor diet old age

When you smoke for 3 years and when it increase the chance for getting lung cancer and after the 3 years does the increase for lung cancer increaser?

Yes. Smoking effects your luns in a bad way.

If you go to Mexico what is the chance of you getting Swine Flu?

The chance of getting swine flu in Mexico is currently the same as it is to get it in any country where there have been cases now that it has become a pandemic. It is estimated that approximately 6% of the people in a given community will become infected with Novel H1N1 influenza if the flu has been determined to be in the area. Whether these numbers will increase is as yet unknown.

Does Marijuana use decreases chances of lung cancer?

No. Smoking won't help anything. Marijuana is not proven to decrease or increase the chance of any kind of cancer.

How did Stalin die?

One day, he got a flu and was ill for several days. When his flu was gone, he had a stroke because of his heavy smoking.

Are kids with out the shot a target of the H1N1?

If the flu is out there and you have not had the shot there is an increased chance you will get the flu. Kids have a smaller ability to resist the flu than adults