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We don't entirely understand why the body requires sleep but studies show that sleep deprivation (less than 8 hours of sleep) and, interestingly enough, over-sleeping (more than 9 hours of sleep) increases inflammation, causes obesity, increases insulin resistance (major cause of acne), and induces stress - all things that negatively affect the way you look.

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why do you think they call it beauty sleep. It get rid of the wrinkles and pimples and the bags under your eyes, and it makes you smarter :)

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Q: Does sleep make you better looking?
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Does drinking warm milo make you sleep better?


What does sleep do to make one feel better?

Sleep does make one feel better, it is essential for health. When one sleeps one can call it maintenance or repair time, eliminating the toxins and energizing the body. Sleep is the silent healer.

What scent of scented sticks if any can make you sleep better?

Lavender, sandlewood, and jasmine are good scents for scented sticks to help you sleep better.

What kind of food can make you sleep better?

Milk products - calcium!

How do you make blood flow better?

Eat healthy foods, exercise and get enough sleep

Will THC make you numb?

No, but It will ease any chronic pain and help you sleep better.

How does exercise help us sleep better?

Both A and B or Exercise a few hours before bedtime helps us relax so we sleep better at night and Intense workouts make our bodies tired, so sleep comes easier.

When do reptiles sleep?

When your not looking.

How does sleeping well make you look better?

if this is true i think you need a lot more sleep.

Why do you sleep better when ever you play outside?

because your excersing and you get tired and then you sleep better

Is it better to breathe in cold air vs hot air when you sleep?

Breathing in cold air can help you sleep better because it may be more refreshing and make the room feel cooler. Hot air can sometimes feel stuffy and uncomfortable, potentially leading to difficulty breathing and disrupted sleep. It's generally recommended to keep your bedroom cool for better sleep quality.

Is it better to put computer into sleep or hibernate if you are not going to use it for an hour?

Its better to put it to sleep