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no it doesnt, but acting more hysterical than them will make them feel left out and then stuff will happen. like explosions and fire.

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Q: Does slapping stop hysterical behavior
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What was the behavior on the Titanic?

Hysterical of course!! The ship was drowning.

Can i slap you?

Sure! No ones going to stop the idiot slapping a electronic.

What does the term hysterical stand for?

Hysterical is an adjective used to highlight extreme, nearly uncontrollable emotion. In modern day usage one might describe "hysterical" laughter as laughter brought on by something found so comedic that the person/s laughing could barely control their response or stop themselves from laughing. Other "hysterical" behavior might occur from something unexpected happening; if something unexpectedly sad happened for example, the person/s affected may be acting as if they are confused, too upset to think clearly, and unsure what to do with themselves,

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What is a sentence with the word hysterical?

I cannot see what was so hysterical about the joke.He broke out into a hysterical laugher.

What is the meaning of hysterical?

Hysterical means suffering from hysteria

What is a butt-slapping?

A butt-slapping is an act of slapping of a person's buttocks, usually out of jest.

Give you a sentence for hysterical?

I can give you several sentences.She is hysterical with fear.Don't get hysterical just because you failed a test.The hysterical woman ran screaming down the street.

Hysterical in a sentence?

The Tablet's reaction, for a time, was almost hysterical.I hope you guys are fairing better than me and once again thanks for helping a slightly hysterical female!Are these increasingly hysterical statements from Michael Howard signs, perhaps, of a guilty conscience?Add your review Karen - " Hysterical " I thought this comedy was absolutely hysterical!He opens with an attack on " the rather hysterical reaction of successive health secretaries " over PM organ retention.There is no specific brief, which gives rise to a varied, eclectic and sometimes hysterical montage of images and storytelling.Of course, by the time I had registered what had happened, I was hysterical with laughter.The anti-smoking mob do get a bit hysterical at times.What I didn't mention was Dan's hysterical laughter which lasted about 5 minutes.They donât like dissent in Carterton, and the almost hysterical over-reaction of the police to the march was evidence of this.I hope you will think more carefully, and moderate your rather hysterical outbursts in the future.These included strange behavior, bizarre gaits and, most famously, hysterical paralysis or mutism.A cool calculated letter is likely to have more impact than a hysterical rant.I did not dare to bite my victim's necks for fear of a hysterical reaction from the public.Children who become hysterical on seeing a bee or wasp invite further stings.Jed: [ His voice getting hysterical ] It took fourteen hours!Bernie comes home, finds his mother and goes hysterical.Some of the rantings of David Strathairn's Senator Estes Kefauver seem hysterical when set against the context of what's permissable today.As he redoubled his efforts so the mirth of the audience grew more hysterical.Also a game she finds hysterical of standing on her own and then leaning forward until she falls over into my arms!

When was Hysterical History created?

Hysterical History was created in 1953.

sometime i will slapped my self how plzzz tell me how to stop?

Slapping faces is good for your skin so it's ok