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Yes, he is dating Lauren Burrows so he is taken. He loves her very much and they are planning to get married. Apparently they are having a joint wedding with William Moseley and Zoey Edgerton.

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i don't now

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Q: Does skandar keynes have a girlfriend right now?
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Does skandar keynes have a girlfriend now?

no i dont think so.people say liberty carlin is his girlfriend but i doubt it.

Does skandar keynes has a girlfriend?

Skandar keynes does have a GF right now, her name starts with an A and thats all i can say do to privacy reasons. But they have been dating for about 2 do i know.? well just thank God u know the answer to ur question.

Does Skandar Keynes have a girlfriend as of June 2011?

i think he has a girlfriend, liberty carlin and of course will have one because he's 20 by now.

What is the name of skandar's girlfriend?

Liberty Carlin was his girlfriend but his true love now is Sonia who lives in London someone told me she has long black hair and white skin like skandar Keynes!!there such a Gd lovers!!

How old is skander keynes now?

Skandar Keynes birthday is on September 5,1991

Who is the boy that it is a skateborder georgie henley had a crush?

Georgie Henley is dating Skandar Keynes right now, actually

Does skandar keynes have braces now?

No not anymore (this is august 2010) he used to but still look gorgeous in them <3 you skandar :)

What is skandar keynes doing now?

His whole name is Skandar Amin Casper Keynes.

Did skandar keynes and Georgie Henley have a special relationship?

-No for Skandar Keynes; Georgie Henley is like his sister -They do, but in a brother-sister way. -Georgie apparently had a crush on Skandar when they were kids, but it faded away. Now they see each other as friends or in a brotherly way.

Has skandar keynes kiss anyone?

Im sure he has by now he's 19 and the hottest guy to walk the planet :)

Are Skandar Keynes dating Liberty Carlin?

he used to date her they broke up now

Does skandar keynes have a new girlfriend?

Yes! In May 2012, he met a girl and they're becoming very close. Then a few months, they're starting to date. But, now they're having a long-distance relationship. The girl moved to Indonesia and study there. And the girl still hide her identity. Skandar Keynes does have a new girlfriend