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When you think about sex it is a bonding of two people physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is the reason God permits sex only in the confines of a marriage. To do so outside of a marriage is placing yourself into a bond with a person whom you have NO commitment with.

If you wants tips for maintaining a successful marriage, I know of one book that will give you all the correct answers truthfully and that is The Bible. Hear are a requires work on both parties. With trust and love as the foundation. Love is not a feeling, but rather action and it is usually self sacrifcial. When you love will give them what you would like in return. If you are not getting that and are giving it...there is a lack of love.

Best of Luck God Bless

Well, in some cases, the "mystery" is over. If it wasn't anything of substance, eventually one will move on.

--if one of the people pressures or forces the other to have sex, or perform sexual acts they don't want to do.

---if one of the people only is using the other person for sex, and there is no real relationship. Stringing someone along by claiming "love," when the only intent is to get laid. (If both people have been honest with each other about just wanting sex, that's OK)

--not using condoms or Birth Control, unless both people decide to have a child together. Deliberatley exposing someone to an STD.

The key word here is dating. It can negatively affect it if one of you is looking for something serious and the other one isn't. If you have sex with this person (someone not serious) and you do not draw the line on what you are looking for, then you will end up hurt in the end. They may be in lust and only want you for the sex. So unless you don't mind recreational sex, you should wait and establish what you want and what that person wants in the dating relationship.

While you are dating it is "illegal" to have sex with your partner if they don't want to participate. aka "rape". While you are married there is no such thing as "rape". So, to sum it up; sex can negatively effect your dating relationship by putting you in jail.

Deleted answer - Rape in civilised countries can (and does) take place whether you are married or not. Last post came from someone whose father lied to him over many years I think

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Sex definetly affects relationships in a number of ways. If one or both people having sex is/are a virgin; sex comes with emotional ties. If both of the people have had sex with more than a few people it doesnt really work the same. If someone has had better sex, they think about that rather than their partner. If someone does not feel their partner gives them enough sex they are more likey to find sex from other people. Then of course sex leads to pregnancy which can either scare a man away, or make him feel obligated to stay. If love comes before sex nothing else really applies because that need for better or more sexual attention usually isn't there.

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Q: Does sex affect a relationship
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If there is already a real relationship sex can make the commitment stronger. If the relationship hasn't really developed when it becomes sexual, it may just show how shallow the relationship is. If people have sex just to make their girlfriend/boyfriend happy, then it can ruin something, but if it was decided because of love then it won't.

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