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If you weigh a piece of steel, and then allow it to rust and weigh it again, it will be heavier by a small amount. The difference will be the weight of the oxygen atoms that have become bound to the iron molecules.

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Q: Does rust make something heavier
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What is the difference between rust resistant and rust proof?

Something that is rust resistant will not rust easily; minor exposure to water will not cause it to rust. Something that is rust proof will not rust.

Does acid make iron rust faster?

Not exactly. Acid eats iron through a chemical reaction, but oxidation (rust) is something different.

Why do nails get heavier when they rust?

Nails get heavier when they rust because rust is a compound that forms when iron reacts with oxygen in the air. This reaction adds extra mass to the nail in the form of iron oxide, increasing its overall weight.

Why does a bike get heavier after rusting?

because the iron combines with the oxygen and hydrogen which makes it rust and heavier

Is rust dangerous or can cause damage?

Rust itself is not dangerous to humans, but it can cause damage to metal objects or structures over time by weakening them through corrosion. It is important to prevent rust from forming by using protective coatings or regularly maintaining metal surfaces.

Why does saltwater make a nail rust?

It's not just saltwater that makes a nail rust, even water makes a nail rust. Rust is simply oxidation, it happens when oxygen comes into contact with something and creates a chemical reaction and creates "oxides". Iron + oxygen = Iron oxide (red rust on steel)

Will soda make iron rust?

soda does not make iron rust ...

What do people know about which liquid will make a penny rust faster orange juice or coke?

They DO know something about inorganic chemistry.

What condtions make things rust?

soggy and wet conditions can make metal rust

How do I weather my garage door?

First make sure that it is indeed rust on your door and not something else. Once you've determined what it is on the door it can be treated. If it is rust, not to worry - there's a lot of good products that will treat it.

When something is dead is it heavier?


Why does liquids make pennies rust?

pennies don't rust!