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Ice is the best thing for swelling. Not only does it help to reduce the amount of swelling but it also helps to prevent any more swelling from occurring. Rubbing alcohol is good for cleaning out an open would and reducing the chance of infection.

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Q: Does rubbing alcohol and water work better than ice to relieve swelling?
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Which is better for cleaning game disk rubbing alcohol or pledge?

rubbing alcohol

Should you use rubbing alcohol to help your lower back pains?

I'm not really sure how that would do much good, since rubbing alcohol would really only cool the skin and back pains are typically muscular or spinal in nature. You might be better off with heat and massage.

Will objects float better in rubbing alcohol or water?


WHAT WILL clean a penny better pine-sol or rubbing alcohol this is a science project?


Can rubbing alcohol kill termites?

The rubbing alchohol could kill the termites but only for small mounds.If there is a huge mound better call a professional.

Does alcohol dissolve salt better than water?

Partially. Rubbing alcohol is diluted with water, and it's actually the water in which the salt dissolves. Salt is nearly insoluble in alcohol.

What are the ingredients in isopropryl rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol contains two ingredients. One is isopropanol (also called isopropyl alcohol or propan-2-ol), which has C3H7OH as its chemical formula. The other ingredient is water. The rubbing alcohol sold in pharmacies is typically 70% isopropanol by mass and 30% water. It also comes as a 91% isopropanol. The 70% is actually a better disinfectant.Ethyl alcohol is also available as a rubbing alcohol, and is a smaller molecule than isopropanol.Also note that rubbing alcohol that is bought over the counter, especially in the US, is adulterated with all sorts of other molecules, such as benzene and methanol. This is done to keep people from drinking them. (In the US, they are added so that they can be sold without a liquor license.)Read more: What_are_the_ingredients_in_rubbing_alcohol

Can rubbing alcohol treat bruises?

It can make you feel better but the only way to cure a bruise is to allow time to heal it.

Can denatured alcohol and rubbing alcohol be used interchangeably to dissolve glue?

I'm not sure but I have used rubbing alcohol to remove glue on my bamboo flooring and it works. Just pour some on the spot, let it sit for about 5 mins. or more and then rube it off with a wast cloth or something like that. I'm sure that denatured alcohol will work as good or even better since it's higher in concentrate than rubbing alcohol. GOOD LUCK!!

what bacteria does methanol kill?

Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), the alcohol found in rubbing alcohol, is slightly better at killing bacteria than ethyl alcohol for E. coli and the bacteria in MRSA. Methyl alcohol, or methanol, is the weakest medical alcohol in terms of killing bacteria.

Will bleach kill lice on brushes?

yes, athough what would be a better solution is rubbing alcohol and hot water, my mother did this when i had lice

Will rubbing alcohol remove glue from painted metal?

I use lemon fresh pledge, furnature polish, it will not damage anything but will remove the glue.ANS 2 - I find 99% alcohol is better for that.