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'Any dry material that is an insulator is normally a poor conductor of electricity and that is the reason, if it is used in the right way, it can help to stop you from getting an electric shock.

By itself rubber doesn't stop you from getting a shock or from being electrocuted.

Just having some rubber in your pocket or having some rubber somewhere in the room with you will not stop you from killing yourself if you touch a high voltage wire.

That is not a joke. Kids and adults have killed themselves because they did not really know what they were doing.

Electric power is really dangerous and should never ever be played with.

Dry rubber is normally a good insulator so wearing dry rubber gloves and dry rubber-soled shoes can help to protect you if you have to work with electric power but any experienced electrician will tell you this:

Because electricity is so dangerous you must go to school to learn how to work safely with electricity - and pass the necessary exams - before you try to fix anything that plugs into receptacles or sockets in your home, in your school or anywhere else.'

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Q: Does rubber stop you from getting electrocuted?
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