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Q: Does putting garlic or onions in armpits raise your temperature and how long do you have to keep it there?
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Can you get a fever from onions?

Sticking a sliced onion or sliced garlic under the armpits for at least a few hours is said to raise the temperature of the body a few degrees. A better alternative to this is simply not faking a fever or being honest about your reasons for wanting to avoid whatever the fever would excuse you from.

Does putting garlic in armpits make fever?

Yes.... but if you have a high risk on getting cancer, it would be best to be a bit cautious you really are feeling sick or unwell. Also You might want to put some deodorant on top of the stink. Good luck on whatever you are trying to succeed! :)

What edibles are bulbs?

Onions and Garlic

What food do mosquitoes like?

Garlic and Onions

Eating garlic and onions does it affect sperm production?

no no no no no!!!!!!!!

What some examples of bulbs plants?

Onions, Garlic.

What group is garlic in?

allium, same as onions and chives

What foods are rich in organosulfides?

Garlic, Onions, Leeks, Chives, Brocolci, Bok choy, Cabbage Garlic and Onions have higher amounts but every one of these is known for having Organosulfides.

Can I export onions lemon and garlic to Maldives after getting export licence in India?

Yes, you can export onions, lemon, and garlic to Maldives only after getting export licence in India.

Is the statement at dinner spaghetti was served by your mother loaded with onions and garlic a dangling modifier or misplaced modifier?

The statement is not a dangling modifier or misplaced modifier, the statement has a dangling modifier or misplaced modifier."loaded with onions and garlic" is a misplaced modifier. The way the sentence is written now it sound like mother is loaded with onions and garlic.The phrase "loaded with onions and garlic" should come after spaghetti.The corrected statement should be:At dinner spaghetti, loaded with onions and garlic, was served by your mother.

What vegetables are monocot?

Onions and garlic are an example of monocot vegetables

Are farts max?

Only when you've eaten garlic and onions.