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Having your hands sterile a majority of the time is not always the best thing for your skin. Anti-bacterial soaps and sanitizers eliminate all bacteria on your skin- whether it is good bacteria or bad bacteria. By eliminating the good bacteria on your skin that regulates viruses and such things, you are making yourself more vulnerable. Use sanitizers and soaps in moderation!

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Q: Does proper hand washing sterilize hands?
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What is hand detergent used for?

Washing your hands or washing dirty objects by hand.

What is hand washing?

Hand washing is the act of cleaning ones hands. Hand washing is done with soap and warm water to clean and remove germs and dirt.

Hand-washing depends on what two things?

proper hand-washing depends on waht two things?

When Performing medical aseptic hand washing the hands should be positioned?

In medical you are to wash hand very often. When washing the hands you should wash them with soap from the top to the bottom.

How does hand washing prevent disease from spreading?

It can control it by washing the germs of. but only if you sing the alphabet while washing your hands.

What are important principles of hand washing?

One of the important principles of hand washing is to rid germs off of the things you touch. Washing your hands will also keep you healthy.

If bacteria can live on a bar of soap why wash our hands to kill the germs using soap if it does not kill the germs?

While it is true that hand washing with plain soap doesn't actually kill all germs, hand washing is still a vital part of disease prevention. The mechanical action of hand washing--both the flushing action of the running water and the friction from the rubbing together of your hands--removes harmful pathogens. And that's why hand washing is considered so important to public health.*Proper hand washing technique: use very warm water and soap, briskly wash and rub hands and between fingers with suds for a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds, rinse and dry on clean towel. To know if you are washing your hands long enough for the germs to be removed from your hands, sing two verses of Mary Had a Little Lamb or sing Happy Birthday twice before you stop washing and rubbing them with the soap suds.

How does hand scrubbing differ from hand washing?

It doesn't really. "scrubbing" simply implies more intense hand washing. So if you wash you hands intensly, you are scrubbing them.

What are some tricks for having soft hands?

Using hand cream and washing your hands really well.

What is the proper water temperature for hand washing?

For hand washing, the water should be between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheidt - noticeably hot but not scalding.

How does washing your hands increase your hygiene?

Hand are the exposed part of your body and the carrier of germs that can later cause illnesses and infections. The simplest way to prevent this is through washing of hands. This is the reason as to why we wash our hands regularly.

Where to wash hands?

In the hand washing basin provided, using the cleansing solutions provided.