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no, not at all in anyway, though it may eventualy have the opposite effect, making the hair follicle weaker, i have a friend who has pucked her eyebrows for about 20 years, they hardly grow back now at all.

no forms of hair removal make hair grow back thicker or darker, its a myth. it may seem like it does for a few reasons

a, if you shave or cut hair you are creating a blunt edhe which feels sharper than the naturally tapered end of a hair

b, you may just be becoming hairier as time goes on, this is perfectly normal and generally continues throughout life for most people.

don't worry

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As one ages, hair becomes gray. Lacks pigmentation for the colour we once had.

If you start plucking out the gray hairs, they will still grow out gray.

It does not matter where on the body you pluck them. The hair growing out again will be the same colour as its predecessor was.

If you pluck a red hair, then it grows back out red.

the same with all other possible colours including gray.

It is such a pity for us oldies that want to keep our nice look.

However. Being old is not negative. Wear it being proud. Show yourself as a stylish mature rather than try to look like a teenager at age 40-50+


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Q: Does plucking hair regrow darker
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When you pull out a hair, the sheath around the hair gets damaged and disrupted. This causes inflammation in the skin and a bump. On darker skin it will cause a pigmented spot to form. It is better to clip the hair off close to the skin or consider laser hair reduction instead of plucking please help me which cream or medicine should I apply on my face

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plucking your underarm hairs is not necesarily good or bad but it is a much better way to not have them grow back so fast since your plucking them out. unlike shaving, plucking them gets the whole hair including the root which takes it longer to grow back. and this also goes for the leg hair as well.

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