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yes, playing the piano does help your fingers get stronger! In fact playing the piano makes you allot smarter too, because when you are playing the piano (or any instrument) you are using every part of your brain at the same time! This helps your brain develop faster, makes you better at math, in proves your memory, and lets you be able to concentrate for a longer period of time!

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Q: Does playing piano help your fingers get stronger?
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Does playing the piano help you get faster reflexes and reactions?


Why is practicing piano scales Arpeggios Cadences important?

The technical exercises are important in piano studying, because it strengthens the fingers, gives the fingers flexibility, and adds to your knowledge of the piano. The scales, etc... can be used as a warm-up routine. Studying the basics will help you understand the theory of the piano, and will aid you in mastering the circle of keys.

Why the piano?

The piano is a fairly easy instrument to learn. Also, by playing the piano you learn most of the important skills to music. So learning to play the piano will help you play other instruments. It is also a great instrument.

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Can anyone recommend a cheap at home way to learn how to play the piano?

There are lots of online resources for playing the piano. has several channels that help you learn to play the piano. Or you can go to a music store and they will have a large selection of music books that can help the independent learner.

What high school classes do you need to take to become a piano player?

Music might help. Spend all your waking hours outside of school listening to other pianists and playing the piano and you'll be on your way.

Is playing the piano good for the human mind and body?

Yes. Playing the piano can expand the human memory bank and also increase the human finger reflexes. Also reading piano music (as well as any other music for any other instrument) can help the human eye for musical notes printed on paper tend to be small at times.

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To help them to get their bones and muscles stronger. :)

How do you get thinner fingers?

if you have chubby fingers, then there are a few things you can do to slim them down. If you are overweight, then losing a few lbs will help make your fingers smaller.m If you are normal weight, then it could be because you are eating too much salt which can cause you to bloat in your fingers or any part of your body. Playing piano and typing on the keyboad can help too. The blood circulating to your fingers can help slim them down. Arobic exercise helps also! Good Luck.

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Why do you have 5 fingers and 5 toes?

you have five fingers and toes to help you balance.

How do you read music notes for a piano?

Its not something you can just do automatically, because when you start off playing the piano, reading notes is one of the first things you learn. You read notes according to legger lines, and accordingly play them on the piano. I recommend sitting down and asking for the help of someone who knows how to play.