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According to Nursing 2011 Drug Handbook, the answer to Percodan-325, the answer is no. Percodan is a compound of two different formulas for oxycodone to equal 4.88 mg of oxycodone (again two formulas) and 325 mg of aspirin. Percocet is a compound of oxycodone and acetaminophen (Tylenol) and is manufactured in varying strengths of both oxycodone and acetaminophen.

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Q: Does percodan make 10-325 strength
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What is the different between hydrocodone 7.5675 and hydrocodone 10325?

well 10325 is a stronger dosage.

Is neo percodan an opiate?

No percodan is

What is neo-percodan?

Neo-Percodan does not contain the oxycodone that is in Percodan. Rather, it contains 65mg of Dextropropoxyphene and 500mg acetaminophen. This is only marketed in Mexico as far as I know. Neo-Percodan is nowhere near as potent as Percodan.

What is the stongest percodan?

The strongest percodan is either morphine, heroin or opium.

What medication was Liz Taylor addicted to?

Among other things, the late Movie Queen was a heavy user of Percodan. ( Liz Taylor don"t give a dam, the next stop is Percodan! went a backroom ballad based on an anti-war song. When I first heard it I thought that Percodan was a Danish Coffee. Perco from percolate, and Dan, which is short for Danish in this case. It does make sense, but Percodan is a drug. Jerry Lewis is said to be another Percodan habitue.

Is Oxycontin stronger than percodan?

yes Oxycontin (oxycodone) is definitely more potent than percodan

What are the release dates for Days of Our Lives - 1965 1-10325?

Days of Our Lives - 1965 1-10325 was released on: USA: 30 May 2006 Belgium: 11 November 2010

What does percodan have in it?

Percodan is pretty much the exact same thing as percocet, both containing OXYCODONE. Percodan contains aspirn and percocet contains Acetaminophen. For more information visit:

Is there aspirin in Oxycontin?

No, you will not find aspirin in Oxycontin unless you are taking the brand names Percodan-Demi, or Percodan. These do contain aspirin.

What is the rating for actavis oxycodone pain killer 10325 with imprint A333?


What year is 10325 Martz Rd Ypsilanti MI built?


Is methadone 10mg stronger than 10325 norco?

yes it is stonger

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