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No paper does not have lead on it, paper would only ever contain lead if us humans scraped lead across leaving the lead substance behind.

Does a tree have lead in it? paper is made mostly of wood pulp and water.

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Q: Does paper have lead in it?
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Lead Sails Paper Anchor was created on 2007-08-28.

What did the townshend acts tax?

It taxed glass, paper, paint and lead.

What does Canada lead the world production of?

TUNA tuna is wrong they lead the world in newsprint that is inexpensive paper used for news paper

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Which turns lead acetate paper black?


How do you write with a pencil?

Hold and press the pencil down and drag it across the paper to create friction between the lead and the paper and the lead will produce a mark on the paper which can be rubbed out. You should already know this when you were 5 years old

How did paper change the Abbasid empire and lead to a Golden Age?

because then they had paper to write stuff on and do calligraphy

Which makes the lead acetate paper black?

The H2S gas reacts with the lead acetate forming lead sulfide, which is seen as a black precipitate.

How can you test if lead in a pencil is harder than lead metal itself?

The 'lead' or graphite in a pencil is softer. Try writing on paper, the pencil will write, the real lead will not

How can i tell if this fidget spinner has lead in it?

The Ba-rings will be heavy and it will spin a little bit slower than the other without the lead, most of them have lead in them though. If any grey areas are exposed, you can rub them on paper to see if there is transfer. Lead is soft and can be used to mark on paper.

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Do paper clips have lead in them?

Paper clips are made of mild steel (or plastic or a number of other materials). The "common" ones made of steel and plated or coated don't have lead in them. Lead will, for the most part, burn off in steel production.

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