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both but in different directions

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Q: Does one person put tongue in mouth or both?
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What does it mean for one to make out?

Making out is a heavy form of kissing. Usually it involves kissing with an open mouth, usually placing one's tongue into the other person's mouth while kissing.

Why does one side of your mouth and tongue always feels cold?

It sometimes means that you are either hungry or thirsty. But it's normal considering that your mouth is sometimes open in a cold room or outside that it causes the air to go into your mouth and makes your mouth and tongue cold.

What is tongue-kissing?

Tongue kissing (also for some reason called "French kissing" or "Frenching") is kissing another person whose mouth is open with your own open mouth, so you and your partner can feel the insides of each other's mouths with your tongues. For most people, the mouth is an "erogenous zone" -- which means when it is stimulated, you get sexually aroused. Tongue kissing -- exploring your partner's mouth with your tongue -- is one way to do this.

Why do tongue piercings?

Someone gets their tongue pierced 1. because they think it looks cool 2. just because they want one 3. because it's nice when kissing (and other things you do with your mouth involving another person... ahem)

What does the spell langlock do in Harry Potter?

Langlock is a Jinx that causes one's tongue to affix to the roof of their mouth. It was invented by Severus Snape while he was a student

How is hair spray used?

open mouth spray on tongue rinse and repeat okay for one this is not how hair spray is used... its ment to go in your hair no in your mouth..... and its to style your hair I'm sure your not styling your tongue..!!!

How do you get rid of bad taste in your mouth due to Periodontal disease?

go to the densist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it OK to get sharpie in your mouth?

no because your tongue wil turn black and no one will be ur friend

What do you call the SOUND you make with your tongue up against the ROOF of your mouth?

The sound that is made when one holds his tongue against the roof of the mouth is called a "turkey call." This positioning is also used to form the "nt" sound.

Where can one find instructions on how to French kiss?

To french kiss or to tongue kiss as it is also known means to insert your tongue in your partners mouth as you are kissing one another passionately on the lips.

Can you make out with some one as soon as you get your tongue ring?

The person that did my tongue said that after kissing, drinkingalcohol or sugar loaded drinks and after smoking that you should wash your mouth out with mouth wash or salt water for the first 14 days. Personally I just carried around a small bottle of mouth wash for the first week. Mine was totally fine and never got infected. Your tongue piercing is the fastest to heal so there usually isn't many problems. Hope all goes well :]

What syndromes cause a baby's tongue to hang out of its mouth?

Well there only could be one answer, Down syndrome.