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Yes he does, they have been together for a couple of years. also her name is feven and she is very pretty and they been broke up but he does have a new girl freind she is acually a new celebrity and up coming in a new tv series she mixed and very pretty as well as feven but the only thing is that this girl is an actress model and singer and did i mention that she was a dancer wich obee loves . any ways thats all i know about her cause she is getting ready to make it big but last but not least i think they might be getting married because they seemed MADLY IN LOVE AND WHEN ISAY IN LOVE IT WAS AT FIRST SIGHT


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What is the girlfriend's name

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Q: Does omer bhatti have a girlfriend?
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What is Omer bhatti's girlfriend's name?

From sources her name is Fatima

Does omer bhatti have Facebook?

Yes he has. His facebook is Omer MIchael J Bhatti. He also has a fanpage on facebook called Omer Bhatti.

When is Omer Bhatti?

Omer Jamal Bhatti Shamzad was born on May 12,1984

When is Omer Bhatti's Birthday?

Omer Jamal Bhatti Shamzad was born on May 12,1984

Who is omer bhatti's real father?

Riz Bhatti.

Where does Omer Bhatti live?

Omer bhatti is Norwegian, Palestinian, black because his father (Michael Jackson) is black!!;))

Can omer bhatti sing?


Where was omer bhatti born?


What Year was Omer Bhatti Born in?


What is Omer Bhatti's official fan mail address?

Omer Bhatti is a well known musician and rapper in Norway. As of August, 2014, he does not have an official fan mail address.

How tall is Omer Bhatti?

5ft 1 Correst Answer -Omer is 5 Foot 6 Inches

What religion is omer bhatti?

sorry i don't know but what i do know is that omer is a Muslim name. hope i helped =)