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Yes,but not all some feel no affects at all

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Q: Does milk thistle make you tired?
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Can milk thistle make you itch?

Milk thistle can help alleviate itching due to poor gall bladder function

What is the Tamil name of milk thistle root?

Milk thistle

What is urdu name of milk thistle?

oont katara is the name of milk thistle in urdu

Does warm milk really make you more tired?

Yes warm milk does make you tired even unwarm milk makes you tired because of a hormone in the milk called tryptophan that makes you sleepy.

What are the common names of the milk thistle plant?

Mary thistle, St. Mary thistle, Marian thistle, and lady's thistle.

Will Milk thistle help prevent cirrhosis?

It could because Milk Thistle helps the liver.

What is milk thistle?

It's an herbal substance used to cleanse the liver.

What diseases does milk thistle treat?

Liver disease treatment and prevention, HIV treatment, lactation problems, gallbladder disorders, mushroom poisoning, and psoriasis.

What parts of the milk thistle plant are used for medicinal purposes?

Yes. Milk thistle is a liver support herb.

How long after you stop taking milk thistle is it safe to get pregnant?

It is actually safe to take milk thistle while you are pregnant.

Where to get milk thistle?

Milk Thistle is available in most good health food stores. It is usually sold in capsule form.

What is milk thistle in Tamil?

"விஷ்னு க்ரந்தி" vishnu kranti is the Tamil name for milk thistle. Nowadays milk thistle in combination with dandelion extract is used for supporting liver functions effectively.