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It can if you slept on them in a restrictive way.

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Q: Does low oxygen levels cause tingling feet and hands?
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Why do you have constant tingling in face and hands?

People with constant tingling in the face and hands can be caused by lack of oxygen. Breathing problems can cause this.

Can dry eyes cause tingling on the left side of head and hands?

No. Dry eyes do not cause tingling of the left side of head and hands.

What would cause dizziness and tingling fingers on both hands?

Dizziness and tingling in both hands and fingers can be caused by a pinched nerve or the limbs being asleep. It is best to see a doctor if this persists.

Can Vitamin D deficiency cause pain and tingling in the hands?

yes and soon you will die

Is tingling in hands and fingers a symptom of hyperphosphatemia?


What causes purple colour tingling and numbness to hands?


What condition can mimic carpal tunnel syndrome?

There are several. Neck conditions where the nerve is pinched by bulging disc or disc rupture can sometimes cause localized numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers. Radial neuritis is inflammation of the radial nerve which travels down the forearm and into the thumb and index finger causes symptoms of ache, pain, tingling sens. Ulnar neuritis which some people call the carpal tunnel of the elbow, can cause numbness and tingling of the 3rd and 4th fingers. Tendonitis in the hand can cause throbbing,achey pain in the hands and fingers as well.

Why aren't My fingers tingling?

because you dont have messed up hands

Why do you get tingling in hands and feet after a session of drinking alcohol?

Two of the many reasons may be an allergic reaction to certain alcoholic drinks or spirits or dehydration and lack of oxygen. One of the many reasons.

What symptoms occur when you get too much oxygen?

Assuming you are speaking of getting too much oxygen at normal atmospheric pressure, you would experience the symptoms of hyperventilation. Getting an excess of oxygen causes chemical changes in the blood. Hyperventilation causes the carbon dioxide level in the blood to decrease. This lower level of carbon dioxide reduces blood flow to the brain, which may result in the following nervous system and emotional complaints:WeaknessFaintingDizzinessConfusionAgitationA feeling of being outside yourselfSeeing images that aren't thereFeeling as if you can't breatheThe lowered carbon dioxide levels in the blood also can cause squeezing of the airways, which then results in wheezing.Getting too much oxygen can also cause the calcium levels to drop in your blood, which may result in the following nervous system complaints:Numbness and tingling (usually in both arms or around the mouth)Spasms or cramps of the hands and feetMuscle twitching

What hormonal problem could cause low thyroid levels low cortisone levels low testosterone levels high growth hormone levels and cause big hands and feet and fluid on the knee?

I'd be willing to bet you are doing a case study for a biology class

What kind of doctor do you see for tingling hands?

Evaluation of tingling in your hands should start with your primary care provider. They can provide initial history, exam, and testing to determine what type of specialist is needed, if any. Tingling in the hands could be due to nutritional, hormonal, infectious, orthopedic, or neurological causes.