Does love really fade

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes... in a matter of long time.. if you love someone, and you really wanted it to fade, the best you could do is talk to him/her to tell him/her how you love him/her.. at least you've somehow expressed it.. Locked by Browser Lock.

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Q: Does love really fade
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How do you know when you love is fading away?

love fades because that love you had isn't really that strong or sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person or you think you love someone when you just really really really like that person.

Can love really die after 31 years?

yes......... if the match is not right; love will fade away..... especially if it guys. Trust an idiot 2 say the above!!!

What is a temp fade haircut?

a temp fade is a low fade on back and sides and however long you whant on the top.I really like it!!

Why does red fade the quickest?

Because i love Rheid Cline

How do you spell the love I got for you will never fade away in Spanish?

The love I (have) for you will never fade away = que nunca se desvanecen el amor que tengo para tí

How long will charlie and jennifer's love last?

forever, because a love like this can never fade.

Can someone still love you after you reject them?

If this person really loves you, they'll probably still love you after being rejected. Love isn't something that can just vanish on the spot - there's little residual bits of the broken heart that take time to fade away. How... cheerful.

How can you know he is really serious in love?

Answer In my opinion, time is the only thing that will truly let you know. If he is serious in love it will not quickly fade. The two of you will make it through obstacles and difficult times. He will be there for you whenever at all possible. He will look out for you. He should respect you.

What does loving an idea of someone mean?

The meaning of loving the idea of someone means that instead of loving the actual person you love either a created image of a person such as thinking they are somthing they are not and not knowing the person well. Answer The idea of loving someone is really the same thing as infatuation with that person. It is not love even though you may think it is at first. A good test of whether it is infatuation or love (if you are not sure of the difference between the two) is time. Infatuation will quickly fade. Love will stand the test of time and will not fade.

When your girlfriend leaves you for her own reasons and she has feelings towards you does her feelings that she have for you will fade quickly?

That really depends how deep the feelings she has for you are - if they are just fleeting puppy love ones then yes they will fade quickly, if on the other hand she loves you then they'll probably take a bit of time to fade. Either way don't try and push your luck - she left you for a reason... she doesn't want you any more despite what her feelings towards you are. Harsh but true.

Can love fade and if so can you get it back with the same person?

Yes, love can fade. (or grow) Once it's gone, it would be very difficult to rekindle it with the same person ... that would require some major changes in behavior. I think the love can fade, but there will always be that spot in your and that person's heart for each other that will never go away. It's worth a chance. It's better to take a chance than to never know.

Does yoko still love kamina?

Yes, Yoko still loves him because love can never fade when it is true and no one can ever forget her love, specially girls.