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I have definitely never heard of lipstick, when properly used, fading natural lip color. I wonder if you are using actual lipstick or something else though, since I'm not sure what would have prompted that question. I wear lipstick daily, usually with a good SPF, especially in summer. The skin on our lips is very thin, so it will burn in the sun or in a cold wind very quickly. So lipstick can actually help protect our lips. Look for one that has an SPF of 15 or higher! And enjoy it - lipstick is so fun and there are so many great colors out there. Just never wear dark lip liner with light lipstick! That is a bad bad look ;-) (Lip color does seem to fade with age)

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No, the gloss is coloured, but your lips don't change. A lip tint changes the colour of your lips though!!

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Q: Does lipstick fade your lip color?
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What does it mean when lipstick bleeds?

"Bleeding" lipstick is what happens when lipstick is applied and the color gets smudged or smeared outside the natural lip-line. To fix this, lip-liner is applied to keep lipstick color intact and in place.

Is lip color more like lipstick or lip stain?

I'm not too sure but i think its somewhere in between.

What color lipstick for a blue-eyed blond?

nudish pink with lip gloss

How do I use lip plumper?

Use a lip plumper according to its instructions. Some products go on under lipstick, instead of lipstick or over lip color. Have a look at these articles for suggestions on how to make the most of lip plumpers: AND

What are some compound words with the word lip in it?

Some compound words with the word "lip" in them include lipstick, lipgloss, and lip balm.

How do you use makeup on lips?

There are many options to vary from such as lipstick, lip liner, lip tint, lip balm, matte ( dry) lipstick, glossy lipsticks, lip gloss etc.. It depends what you are interested on you can use your fingers or a lipstick brush to apply it.

what colour lipstick do emo's were?

A light lip color in a slightly pink or natural shade is best for the Emo style. Lip liner isn't typically used in this type of look.

Is this normal colouring for a teenage girl very dark brown black hair light blue grey eyes pale skin and really red lips meaning if you were to put on pale lipgloss it has no affect at all?

When you have very red pigmentation in your lips, it's sometimes hard to wash out the neutral color in them. If a simple layer of nude lipstick is just not doing the trick, I would suggest sliding some Laura Geller Lip Spackle over your lips and following that with the nude lipstick of your choice. Lip Spackle will help wash out the color, moisturize your lips, fill in lip lines to avoid the color bleeding, and help the lipstick last longer. My favorite nude lipstick is Smashbox Photofinish Lipstick in Elegant.

What is a lipstick kiss?

a lipstick kiss is where you put lip stick on and kiss someone .....haha

What brand of lipstick starts with n?

NYZ Matte Lipstick

How many syllables in lipstick?

There are two syllables in the word "lipstick" (lip-stick).

Can you down size on your lip?

If you want to downsize your lip, avoid shimmery lipstick. Also, lip gloss will make your lips look bigger. If you want to moisturize over lipstick, use chapstick.