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It can. Think about it in a business sense. Without communication, companies would have no way of determining whether their ideas and goals were being met. They'd have no way of resolving disputes because no one would know what the other felt. Without adequate communication, assumptions (often wrong) are made. Without communication, a business could not succeed. Same goes for relationships. Without communication, it's virtually impossible to know what the other is feeling. People must find a way to communicate with each other, letting others know their opinions and feelings on certain matters and offering solutions to problems.

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Q: Does lack of communication destroy a relationship?
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What is cause of distance relationship with parents?

Lack of communication and an open mind.

Why is a good communication process vital between children and their parents?

It is vital to have a good communication process between children and their parents because it not only strengthens the relationship but also is important in the development of the children. Good communication in a family is a sign of a healthy family relationship while poor communication is a sign of an unhealthy family relationship. Lack of communication between children and parents may lead to a lack of intimacy and problem solving as well as family conflict. The lack of communication can also cause the children to have behavioral problems and emotional problems.

What are some common elements to a unhealthy relationship?

Bad communication, lack of trust, and disrespect are some elements to an unhealthy relationship

What is an huge example of lack of communication in a relationship?

when yall are being more lazy then ever and when he mumbels to him self

What is Causes of lack communication in relationship?

the causes for poor communication between couples are maybe if you and your partner are not really close and have no trust between each other, if this is your case you need to talk about it just tell him\her that a relationship is not just to say that he\shes my bf or gf cause you need to communicate well hopefully this will help you fix your realtionship

When was Lack of Communication created?

Lack of Communication was created in 2001-03.

When was How to Destroy a Relationship created?

How to Destroy a Relationship was created in 2006.

When was Lack of Communication - song - created?

Lack of Communication - song - was created in 1984.

What are the reasons a couple may decide they need couples therapy?

Couples may decide to seek couples therapy for several reasons, like lack of communication or negative communication, lack of conversation, lack of intimacy, affairs, lack of feelings or excitement in the relationship. Couples could seek therapy to learn how to resolve differences or resentment or disappointment so they can express themselves better.

How do you know your relationship is in danger?

If you guys have a lack of communication and if you guys don't seem to be as close. Or maybe if you guys don't seem like other couples.

What can a relationship be damaged by?

Total surrender of one's will to the other. In a balanced relationship one gains the other half of his or her equilibrium from the other partner. Unwillingness of one partner to yield this right, dooms the relationship.

Is conflict caused by a lack of mutual understanding?

Conflict is caused by the lack of communication! However, even with communication comes a learned skill to share in opinions and take into consideration that two opinions can work as one. There will always be a conflict especially by governments because they are greedy, want power and often lie to get it, but when it's a personal relationship then communication skills is a great advantage.