Does keiichi love mion

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Yes, Mion does love Keiichi. There have been quite a lot of hints.

The second arc, Watanagashi-hen, was dedicated to her affection for him. Or at least, it's what caused the events that followed.

Other times you see her blushing/stuttering/acting unlike herself around him.

NOTE: If you're one of those people who are desparate for pairing action, check out the Higurashi No NAku Koro Ni manga. In the anthology, Kataribanashi-hen, there's a chapter titled "Limit". Though it has a cliffhanger-ish ending, it has a load of MionXKeiichi in it. If you're a fan, it doesn't hurt to give it a look. Hope this helps! :D

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Yes, many hints have come to show, Keiichi loves Mion.

He even attempted to confess to her, before his death in Kai.

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Q: Does keiichi love mion
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Rena sees Keiichi as a best friend, and Keiichi returns those feelings. They do not have a love relationship, but they are close friends. i want them to kiss so badly though!!!!!!!! Sorry. Keiichi and Mion are shown to have a love connection, though. They flirt countlessly in the series, and Keiichi tried to confess to her in an episode on Kai.

What episode does keiichi gives a doll to mion?

Higurashi No NAku Koro Ni Kai: Episode 6. One of my favorite episodes :D

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