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Hello, Keflex ( Cefalexin) will affect Birth Control as its a Antibiotic. Because of this you need to use a condom when you have intercourse for 2 weeks after you finish your course of pills.
Antibiotics can diminish the effectiveness of birth control, another form of birth control should be used such as condoms.
Case studies report that Keflex (an antimicrobial agent) can reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Please plan on utilizing another form of birth control, such as spermacide and/or a male condom, to stay protected while you take Keflex AND for at least seven days after you take your last Keflex pill. Breakthrough bleeding can occur while taking both of these medications together, as well as the higher possibility of unintended pregnancy. Again, use another method of birth control in addition to taking your regularly scheduled doses of Loestrin Fe while taking Keflex, and for at least one week after your last dose of Keflex. This answer has been furnished by a medical professional, but not a licensed medical doctor. Do not use this answer in place of your medical doctor's advice, as he or she knows you and your health the best. In an emergency, dial 911 or your local emergency number. This answer has been researched and is otherwise affirmed to be correct by the answerer. The disclaimers on pertain to this answer and should be followed diligently. The author of this takes no responsibility for any misguided or misinformed attempts to follow these instructions without the direction of your primary care physician.

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Q: Does keflex affect the birth control pill?
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