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Yes, he does.

That sexy man is my boyfriend ;).

I bet you're jealous.

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Q: Does jung il woo in iljimae have a girlfriend?
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Return of Iljimae - 2009?

The cast of The Return of Iljimae - 2009 includes: Lee Hyun Woo as Cha Dol Yi Geun Hyung Park as Kim Ja Jeom Sandara Park as Rie Il Woo Jung as Iljimae

Does Jung Il woo girlfriend is Sandra park?

no.. other girl...she's from philippines... with initial BRF

What movie and television projects has Il Woo Jung been in?

Il Woo Jung has: Performed in "Joyong-han saesang" in 2006. Played Ji-wu in "Nae sarang" in 2007. Played Iljimae in "The Return of Iljimae" in 2009. Played Lee Tae Yoon in "My Fair Lady" in 2009. Played Cha Chi Soo in "Kkotminam Ramyeongage" in 2011. Played Prince Yang Myung in "The Moon That Embraces the Sun" in 2012. Played Seo Do Young in "Gold Rainbow" in 2013.

When was Jung Il Woo born?

Lee Jin-Woo was born on 1982-09-03.

What actors and actresses appeared in Nae sarang - 2007?

The cast of Nae sarang - 2007 includes: Il Woo Jung as Ji-wu

What actors and actresses appeared in Joyong-han saesang - 2006?

The cast of Joyong-han saesang - 2006 includes: Il Woo Jung

What actors and actresses appeared in My Fair Lady - 2009?

The cast of My Fair Lady - 2009 includes: Il Woo Jung as Lee Tae Yoon

When was Jung-Il Byun born?

Jung-Il Byun was born in 1968.

What actors and actresses appeared in Gold Rainbow - 2013?

The cast of Gold Rainbow - 2013 includes: Sang Jung Kim as Kim Han Joo Dam Ryu as Chun Soo Pyo Il Woo Jung as Seo Do Young

When was Jung Sung-Il born?

Jung Sung-Il was born on 1969-10-21.

When was Lee Jung-Il born?

Lee Jung-Il was born on 1956-11-04.

Why is Kim Jung Il so evil?

Kim Jung Il was a legalist so he believed that the government should have all the power