Does jack E strify have a girlfriend?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Does jack E strify have a girlfriend?
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Is it true that strify from Cinema Bizarre real name is Andreas Hudec?

No, his real name is actually Jack E. Strify. He wont tell anyone what the E stands for though AmandaBizarre: Jack E Strify is his stage name given to him by the other members of the band. Jack comes from his love of The Nightmare Before Christmas. And Strify is a character from Final Fantasy.

What is strify's real name?

Some of the names heard were Sebastian, Andreas Hudec, and Jack E. Strify. The most accurate one is Jack E. Strify as posted on his myspace, but people also say that is his stagename. I'd say the best is Andreas Hudec.

Who is Jack E Strify?

He is the former and singer of Cinema Bizarre (but they split up), now he is a DJ and Solo Singer

What is the real name of Strify from Cinema Bizarre?


How do you get the email of Jack strify?

Jack Strify prefers to keep such details private. He does not publish any personal details freely, and kindly asks his fans to respect his privacy. ;)

What is strify id messenger?

Jack Strify doesn't have a Messenger ID. If you have seen any who say that they are he, it is likely that they are just fans or people using his name. Strify does not publish his personal details.

How do you say strify name from cinema bizarre?


Does Strify Cinema Bizarre's vocalhave a girlfriend?

I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a girl- or boyfriend.

What does Strify look for in a girl?

Wat do u mean by strify??

What is Strify's surname?

Strify is a member of Cinema Bizarre,a German rock band from Berlin.

Where does Strify shop?

idk if strify shops at the same stores as Kiro but i do know that Kiro shops at "EPISODA" a shop in Berlin.

Is strify in a relationship and is it true?