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Yes it does! The fat causes pain to your stomach, to your back for lugging it around, to your legs when you walk, to your feet, to your self esteem..and the stretch marks never go away! Also you can only sit down and lean back, you can never lean forward because the fat shoves into your legs. That hurts.

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It is more uncomfortable than painful.

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Q: Does it hurt to have a bloated tummy?
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Is bloated tummy sign of early pregnancy?


What happens when you have kwashiorkor?

you get a fat bloated tummy filled with air

What is wrong with your puppy if its tummy is bloated?

If your puppies tummy is bloated the most common reason is that it has worms. I myself have a Great Dane puppy that had a "bloated tummy" and the result was worms. There are medications the vet can give you to treat the worms, some cases are more serious than others. A serious case would include uncontrollable diarrhea and symptoms alike. ~ Hope I helped & hope your puppy gets feeling better. (: ~ From dograchie123

What if your tummy feels bloated and you feel sick like you need to burp?

Feeling bloated and needing to burp could be due to excess gas in your stomach. Try drinking peppermint tea or taking an over-the-counter antacid to help relieve the discomfort. Avoid carbonated beverages, chewing gum, and eating too quickly, which can contribute to gas buildup. If symptoms persist or worsen, consider consulting a doctor.

When you ride your bofriend why does it hurt your tummy?

unless your boyfriend is really big, just kidding but no it may feel like its going that deep unless he thrust it. it can hurt you tummy, but it can hurt your vagina. =)

Does touching your tummy hurt when you're pregnant?


What could cause your tummy to feel bloated like you need to pass wind and have pains in your tummy?

a condition called IBS- irrital bowl syndrom. Not the lovelist thing BETTER ANSWER: i dont know

Signs of a misscaridge?

When Your Tummy Starts Too Hurt

Is melon skin edible?

no it'll hurt your tummy

Why do you feel bloated and your nipples hurt?

you could be pregnant. take a test

Why is it bad to mix peaches and cheese?

It mikes your tummy hurt

How does Leonardo DiCaprio take care of his tummy ache?

He takes 2 Tylenol or 2 Advil and lays down with a pillow under his tummy or a bag of hot water on his tummy. He gives himself a tummy rub.