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Some people are not quick to pick up on subtlety and need to hear a direct yes or no in such situations.

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To be honest, it depends on the kind of man that he is. Think of his personality. If he's fun and lighthearted, it probably will grab his attention.

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Q: Does ingoring a guy make him want you more?
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While your kissing a guy how do you make him want more?

Once you're making out with a guy, you get sooooooooo into it You moan, make your kisses wet (not too wet), and sexy to make him want more.

Why make a man jealous?

Most girls do it so it will make the guy want you more and try harder for you.

How do you make a guy jeolous?

if you want to make that guy jelous then like get another guy and when they guy you want to make jelous is walking by you guys quickly kiss the guy if you know him though and or just if you really want to make him jelous or even mad about getting you back with him.....DATE HIS BEST FRIEND.

What tips can you give to make sex more pleasurable or is there anything special that you and your bf do that makes sex good?

Make sure you find a gal that swallows. I am a guy and we only want fin sex I am a guy and we only want fin sex

What is 'I want to be the Guy'?

I wanna be the guy is a game that will make you shot bricks.

Who do you get a guy to like you?

You can't make a guy like you or want to be with you. He will or he won't.

How do you hint to guy that you want him to make the first move.advice needed no rude answers?

you could act like youre not interested! then youll make him want you even more which will mean he'll be the first to make the move!

Why would a guy want to make another guy jealous?

Guys want to look cool. They think it will make someone sad so they can feel buff.

If a guy does what you want because he doesn't want to make you mad at him what does that mean?

This means that this guy loves you and really wants i to work out with you and him.....

How do you get a guy to want to make out?

Just by being a female.

Why does a guy want to make you jealous and don't want you to do the same thing?

Because with girls that sense of challenge or the feeling that they can't have someone can make them want someone more, so guys do it to get girls to like them when the girl may or may not want them. But guys don't like it because chances are they like the girl and seeing them talking to someone else they think the girl wants that guy more and get mad or discouraged

How do you get a guy to want you back?

You cant make someone love you...but if you want a guy to want you..all i can say is try to look your best around him. Make sure he knows other guys want you too. and when your around him...make yourself noticable and be happy.