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It can cause Tonsillitis to become worse, you may experience an extremely sore throat for a couple of days. Cold food is not suitable for those who have tonsillitis, but if you have your tonsils removed feel free to eat everything from ice to ice cream.

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Q: Does ice make tonsillitis worst
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Can tonsillitis make you lose weight?

No having tonsillitis cannot make you overweight. You will get a sore throat, swollen glands and may have to have your tonsils. == ==

What are effects of tonsillitis to one's voice?

Tonsillitis may make your voice a little more quiet and muffled.

How does eating cold food items like ice cream cause tonsillitis?

It doesn't.

What were the worst recorded ice storms in history?

The North American Ice Storm of 1998 has been nominated for the worst.

How do you make yourself get tonsillitis?

Dream about tonsillitis and think about it,when you wake up in the morning glug a drink or cough. Hopefully I can't promise but you should feel like ur gettin it

How do you get rid of bump on head?

Ice. Lots of ice. And if the worst comes to the worst, foundation .

Got rash on eyes from using lotion will ice help your eyes?

no it would make it worst go to the doctors instead.

Is tonsillitis hereditary?

Tonsillitis itself is not hereditary, but some people may have a genetic predisposition to developing frequent episodes of sore throat or infections, which can increase the risk of developing tonsillitis. Overall, environmental factors such as exposure to viruses and bacteria play a more significant role in the development of tonsillitis.

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Can humans pass tonsillitis on horses which then to them is strangles?

No, strangle and tonsillitis are not the same thing.

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Why do you keep getting tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is often caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Factors that can increase the risk of getting tonsillitis include being in close contact with someone who has the infection, having a weakened immune system, and frequent exposure to germs in environments such as schools or daycare centers. Practicing good hygiene, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding close contact with individuals who are sick can help reduce the risk of getting tonsillitis.