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Yes. Heat will cause an expansion of the veins in the legs causing an increasing in blood circulation throughout the legs.

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Q: Does heat help blood circulation in legs?
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Why do people legs fall asleep?

You have a lack of blood circulation going to your legs

In what position should a patient in shock be placed to improve the circulation of the blood?

Place the patient on his or her back, with legs elevated, which will improve blood circulation.

What is the purpose of a compression hose?

Compression hose, or a compression stocking, are designed to help proper circulation of blood and lymph fluid in the legs. Compression hose can help to relieve leg fatigue and swelling (edema) in the legs.

What would cause both legs to go completely numb when sitting?

blood rushes to your legs and you lose circulation of blood throughout the body

How does the pacemaker help with the circulation in a persons legs?

The pacemaker will regulate the heartbeat, and a regulated heartbeat will regulate the speed blood is moved throughout the body. Improved blood flow, especially in the legs, will improve general health across the board.

Why do fingers of your hands and legs become numb when you are asleep?

Poor blood circulation

What is the chemical inositol used for?

It is often used for treating blood circulation problems, including pain when walking due to poor circulation in ones legs, skin changes, and when veins are ineffective in returning blood in the legs.

What are the causes for charlie horses?

Causes are Poor Blood Circulation in your legs, Dehydration and Exercising in the heart. You should go to a doctor so that he can help you against that.

Why do your arms and legs go numb when you cut off the circulation?

There is no blood flow in that area.

How do your legs go numb?

You legs go numb, when your blood is either, not reaching your numbed part of the body, or your blood circulation has been cut of for at least 30 seconds.

Why does walking prevent stagnation of blood in the legs?

The venous circulation of the legs requires muscle contractions to assist with blood return. Walking helps provide this muscle contraction.

What causes your legs to fall a sleep?

when your legs are crossed that causes your blood circulation to block and that makes your legs to fall asleep. so no more crossing your it.

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