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A health care proxy is someone that can make decisions for you if you are too incapacitated to do so yourself. And yes, whomever you chose to be your proxy will supersede next of kin.

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Q: Does healthcare proxy supercede next of kin?
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Who determines whether or not to stop the life support machines?

The next of kin or the person who is appointed as medical proxy.

When was The Next of Kin created?

The Next of Kin was created in 1942.

What are next of kin laws in Texas?

what is the rights of next of kin

What is mean by next of kin?

Next of kin means a person's nearest relative. Kin = family.

Who is the next of kin to your father?

Your mother, but both parents are next of kin

Is your stepdaughter or nephew your next of kin?

Yes, your step daughter or nephew can be your next of kin. Next of kin is typically a family member that is surviving.

Who is your fathers next of kin you or your stepmother?

His wife is his next of kin for legal purposes.

What is the legal succession of next of kin in Texas?

The legal succession of next of kin in Texas is the kin that is closest as related by blood. Next of kin becomes the heirs of an estate when there is no will or a will that is contested in probate court.

Definition of next of kin Australia?

In Australia, next of kin means someone that is related to someone else. For example, a woman's children would be her next of kin.

Who is the next of kin a child or sister?

The next of kin is usually a child and not a sister. For example, if a mother passes away, the next of kin would be her husband and then her children.

Can there be more than one next of kin?

Yes. If there is no surviving spouse, the next of kin are the children (equally and together). If there are no children then the next of kin is determined by the laws in the jurisdiction. Next of kin for legal purposes is set forth in the laws of intestacy.

Is the mother or the father a child's next of kin?

The mother AND the father are a child's next of kin. Next of kin is determined by legal adoption, marriage and blood. If a child's parents are deceased their next-of-kin would be their siblings by blood or by legal adoption.