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Q: Does getting high of sharpies cause hallucinations?
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Can high blood pressure cause visual hallucinations?

can high blood pressure cause visual hallucinations

Can being off meds cause hallucinations?

If the medication is used to control hallucinations and you stop taking the medication the likelihood that you will experience more hallucinations is extremely high. There are also other drugs that the body becomes dependent upon, and if they are suddenly stopped can cause withdrawal symptoms; withdrawal can cause hallucinations.

What is the best way to tell your boyfriend 'I'm sorry'?

cry in the rain and then make him lucky after getting high from sniffing his sharpies

Can pain killers make you hallucinate?

Yes, infrequently painkillers can cause hallucinations, especially in high doses. Some painkillers such as pethidine are more likely to cause hallucinations than others.

Can UTIs cause hallucinations?

If a high fever is present, the fever causes the hallucinations, not the UTI.

Is there a fruit that can make you hallucinate?

yes, there are several tropical fruits that cause hallucinations.

Do sharpies kill brain cells?

Not really, no.Sniffing sharpies very much can cause brain damage because of the specific chemical solvents they contain, in which case certain brain cells will stop functioning due to toxicity; this is most likely where this urban legend comes from.While it is not true, it is good to heed the warnings anyways, because though sniffing sharpies will get you high, over a longer term period they can cause various detriments such as weight (muscle) loss and depression.However, if you are worried about just using them, don't. I like the smell of sharpies myself, I just don't sniff them and I am fine.

Why is your daughter having hallucinations with a fever?

Hallucinations are common with a high fever. It usually is nor a ominous sign, especially with young people.

What are the effects on the body from dextromethorphan?

Answers: High doses cause music euphoria. Also cause hallucinations, and separation from reality, lost train of thought, slurred speech, rubberband like feeling, and disoriented movement.

Can an Urinary Track Infection cause hallucinations in the elderly?

The causes of hallucinations in an elderly person with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) are many. If the infection causes a high fever that can lead to hallucinations and even delirium. The dugs used for treating the infections may be the cause of halluciantions either by themselves or by their interaction with the other medications. And remember that an elderly person may be receiving many drugs simultaneously for a variety of ailments such as arthritis, hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes, etc. Finally an elderly person with UTI may be having hallucinations from causes unrelated to the infection.

Does alcohol cause hallucinations?

It can, but usually only at high levels of intoxication or during withdrawal, and usually in cases of advanced alcoholism. True hallucinations, although they may appear visual, occur only in the brain. They only seem to be happening outside the body. The blurring of eyesight and other visual aberrations that come with high levels of intoxication are not hallucinations. They are caused by the brain's inability to control the muscles that focus the eyes, and sometimes by its inability to correctly process the visual information.

What is Huffing and puffing?

this is inhaling fumes of things such as white out, sharpies, paint, aerosal (spelling right?) and other things. to get high.