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Sure makes me tired!

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Q: Does fresh air make you tired?
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How you sleep?

make your body tired,and take some fresh air deep into your lungs then go to bed you will get good sleep

Do plants need fresh air to grow?

they need fresh air to make colloraphyll, which is part of their process of living. if they do not have air, than they can not make natural sugar either.

Does being cold from air conditioning make you more tired?


What is the opposite of stale?

The opposite of stale (food, air) would be fresh. The opposite of stale (tired, cliche) would be new, or original.

How does an air condition circulate fresh air?

Most Spilt or Window Air-Conditionersdoesn't have any fresh air intake at all! ... These Air-Conditioners does have a purification system but it's only to purify contaminants in the air by means of filters, it doesn't make air any fresh.

What is the opposite of word fresh?

stale (fresh bread/stale bread) sower (fresh milk/sower milk) rotten (fresh fruit/rotten fruit) rancid (fresh bacon/rancid bacon) spoiled (fresh food/spoiled food) wilted (fresh flowers/wilted flowers) usual (fresh experience/usual experience) similar (fresh experience/similar experience) preserved (fresh food/preserved food) pickled (fresh onion/pickled onion) used (fresh paper/used paper) polluted (fresh air/polluted air) faded (fresh memory/faded memory) experienced (fresh recruits/experienced soldiers) tired (fresh as a daisy/tired out) gentle (fresh wind/gentle breeze) shy (fresh youth/ shy youth)

Breath of fresh air or breathe of fresh air?

Its breath of fresh air.

What are the slogans for fresh air?

Fresh air

What is a collective noun for fresh air?

A collective noun for air is a breath of air.

What is the antonym for fresh?

worn, stale, tired, old, exhausted, obsolete, passe, rotten,

What is the opposite of tired?

The opposite of tired (fatigued) would be energetic or enthusastic. The opposite of tired (starting the day) would be "rested." The opposite of tired (old, hackneyed) would be fresh, or innovative.

What time of the day do learners normally feel tired?

A learner feels fresh in the morning and tired at 6 pm in the evening