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fazer does not have any brothers just sisters.

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Q: Does fazer have a brother or sister?
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Are the n-dubz brother and sister?

No, Tulisa and Dappy are cousins and Fazer is their friend

Tulisa with Fazer you know he wants her so is she with him on the sly?

No, Tulisa is not with Fazer. They're more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girfriend.

Has fazer from n dubz got a brother?

he has 3...

Has fazer from n-dubz got a brother?


Does Tulisa From N-dubz Have Any Brothers Or sisters?

Yes, a sister no she dont have sister she is a only child i saw it in a interview dappy has an older brother called sprois and fazer has 2 brothers xxxx

Is it true tht Tulisa girl out of N Dubz is leaving her bloke for the other guy in her group?

No, Tulisa isn't leaving her fiance Adam for Fazer (the guy in N-Dubz you're talking about). Tulisa and Fazer are just friends and more like brother and sister. Fazer already has a girlfriend anyway. Tulisa and Adam are very happy.

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he did have brother and sister he had two sister and he had 1 brother

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he has a sister and a brother

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She has 1 sister, a step-sister, a step-brother, a half-sister and a half-brother

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