Does fat keep you warm

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Fat provides insulation for enternal organs; protects them again inpact; has lymphnodes that provide a network for WBC's to travel and fight infection.

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It acts as an insulator

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Q: Does fat keep you warm
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How do pingens keep warm?

by there warm fat

Why do seals have a layer of fat around their body?

They have a thick layer of fat so they can keep warm.

Do a layer of fat on seals keep them warm?

Yes, it keeps them warm.

Why are mantatees so fat?

manatees are fat so they can keep warm

Why is fat stored?

to keep ur body warm

What are fat cells?

a fat cell is a cell in animals that stores energy and a drop of fat. It is also used to keep up warm, like a penguin flubber is used to keep a penguin warm. Hope this helps! :)

How do pinguins keep warm in the a freezing cold wind?

They huddle together, and their blubber (which is fat) helps to insulate them and keep them warm.

What is the function of fat bodies in pigs?

To keep warm of your body

Do bears have a fat layer?

yes they use it to keep warm.

How do seals survive in the Arctic?

by the fat on the bodies and food and water

How do penguins keep warm in snow storms?

They huddle together and their body fat and body heat keep them warm during a storm.

How animals keep warm?

They have layers of fat, feathers or fur to keep themselves warm. Unlike us, animals have fur so they can keep warm. Take a rabbit for instants, they live in a burrow so they have a warm home.