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Q: Does fame and fortune make you happy?
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Would you take fame or fortune?

fortune because if anything you can still earn fame using your fortune in alot of ways

What did Mark Twain do with his fame and fortune?

His fame remains, but he frittered his fortune away on bad investments.

What are the release dates for Fame and Fortune - 2011?

Fame and Fortune - 2011 was released on: USA: 14 August 2011

What are the release dates for Fame and Fortune - 1918?

Fame and Fortune - 1918 was released on: USA: 20 October 1918

What are the ratings and certificates for Fame and Fortune - 1918?

Fame and Fortune - 1918 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Passed (National Board of Review)

What actors and actresses appeared in Fame and Fortune - 2000?

The cast of Fame and Fortune - 2000 includes: Princess Shahnaz Husain as herself

Its not about the fortune its just about the fame?

for most holly wood stars, fame is just as important as fortune. unfortunately, this means they will do almost anything to get that fame. some things worse than others.

What was searching for Ferdinand Magellan?

fame and fortune

Why did so many young men go west?

To make their fame & fortune, and through that, find a better life.

Is Miam 4 publicity?

Yes they are not really in love. He is using her 4 fame , fortune, fame, publicity, relevancy and success and is after Miley and her family's money. Plus he never looks happy when he is with her. He looks annoyed and bored and sad. Poor Miley.

Leif Erikson's reason for exploration?

Fame and fortune.

What did Salvador Dali want to achieve?

Fame and fortune