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No, elevated blood glucose with have no effect on temperature.

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Q: Does elevation of blood glucose elevate your temperature?
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Hormones that act directly or indirectly to elevate blood glucose include?


What does pancreas secrete when blood glucose falls?

Pancreas detects blood glucose level by its cells called "Islets of Langerhans." When the blood glucose level is too high, it releases insulin. When it becomes too low, the pancreas then releases glucagon to elevate a low blood glucose.

Will amoxicillin raise your blood sugar?

It is quite possible that amoxicillin can raise your blood glucose levels, though this has not been fully scientifically confirmed. It is not advisable to have a glucose tolerance or fasting glucose blood test whilst taking this medication. In diabetics the infection for which the medication is being taken can also elevate glucose levels, which makes it more difficult to confirm the contribution to higher glucose levels from both the medication, and the underlying infection.

What effect would elevated cortisol levels have on blood glucose levels?

One function of cortisol is to decrease the cellular use of glucose while increasing both the available glucose (by promoting the brakedown of glycogen) and the conversion of amino acids to carbohydrates. Therefore, the net result of elevated cortisol levels would be an elevation of blood glucose.

Why is insulin associated with the maintenance of blood glucose levels?

The pancreas releases insulin to lower the level of glucose in blood, and on the other hand, for the balance, it also secretes glucagon to elevate the level of glucose. Insulin is one half of the balance mechanism for glucose levels. Too much and too little glucose has damaging effects on the body and it's cells.

How does elevation help a sprained ankle?

When there's an injury, blood rushes to the afflicted area to help with repairs. Tissue around the afflicted area will swell as a result. If you elevate your ankle, you make it harder for the blood to get there as pressure to get there will need to be higher than it already is.

How does elevation help in treating injury?

Elevating an injured limb can help with the bleeding. It also keeps it from throbing as much. If patient is in shock, you elevate the feet. That helps keep blood in the major organs and brain.

How do you use a word elevate in a sentence?

The helicopter could not elevate enough to clear the hill. His plan was to elevate his concept into an international program. If you elevate an injured arm or leg, you can reduce the blood flow.

Is glucose a blood sugar?

Correct, glucose is a blood sugar.

Will a nicotine patch elevate the blood alcohol level reading on a breathalyzer test?

No, but it could elevate your chances of death

What would elevate your white blood count?


Is a reading of 137 of concern for blood glucose?

A fasting blood glucose of 137 is a concern. A random blood glucose of 137 is not a concern.