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Why don't you eat some and let us know....

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Q: Does eating vaporub make you high?
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When was Vicks VapoRub created?

Vicks VapoRub was created in 1905.

Does eating eggs make you high?

Yes, anything that comes from animals can make you high.

What is Vic ointment?

Vic ointment may refer to the ointment Vicks VapoRub. VapoRub is a cream that can help you with your congestion when you have a cold.

Can outdated vicks vaporub be used?

Used for what? The active ingredients in VapoRub all have a strong, distinctive aroma. If it still has the characteristic odor, it should still work. If it smells rancid or insipid, then it's no good. I'd be considerably more cautious if you're eating it than if you're just rubbing it on your chest or something.

Does eating rice make you high?

It is likely that it can if you eat it everyday.

What can make your mercury levels high in your body?

eating murcury

Why do you crave Vick's Vaporub to eat?

Very interesting question. Well, I personally do not have those cravings, but if you do, then maybe they are attributable to the tantalizing scent of Vick's Vaporub. However, it would be inadvisable to actually taste the Vaporub. . . I have a strong feeling it is not meant for tasty consumption.

Will vaporub help baby's wheezing?

Yes it will

Does eating meat make you high?

Yes, because it came from animals.

How do you make yourself obese?

Eating alot of foods high in fat.

Can you get thinner by eating chocolate?

Unlikely. Chocolate is high in oils and fats that don't make you skinnier.

Can you put Vicks Vaporub on your dogs nose?

You should not do that. That is not how Vaporub should be used and you could cause yourself more problems if the ingredients make their way to your lungs.The product is designed to be rubbed on your skin (chest & neck) where body warmth releases the camphor, eucalyptus and menthol vapors to ease coughs and congestion.