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Yes. It can help keep you strong and increase your growth. All protein does.

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Q: Does eating meat and fish help us to grow?
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Does eating fish and meat help us grow?

Yes, the protein (and other vitamins) in meats promotes healthy growth.

What do Asian people grow up eating?

My parents are asian so they grow up eating rice, fish, meat, soup with their rice.

Who is piranha?

A Piranha is a meat eating fish(like most fish). They grow to about 6 inches long (about 13cm).

2 ways that fish are important to humans?

they help tubas meat grow

What kind of fish is a large meat-eating fish?

a piranna

What makes a person grows taller?

by eating grow food example fish,meat,milk,yogurt,cheese and other milk products.

What does meat eat?

well meat is an animal so it depends on what meat it is or instince cow meat that meat eats grass and hay i think if your eating shark that meat eats other fish and people so if you eat shark your eating fish and ......................................................................................people jk but yeah it depend onwhat meat your eating

What are the eating habits of France?

meat,poultry, and fish

Why is meat healthy or not healthy for the body?

It has good Vitimans and Minerals that help your body grow stronger. They also help you to digest and get energy. But eating to much meat is also not good. It can age skin cells

Should people on a fast from meat also refrain from eating fish?

If the fast is completely against meat, then yes, because fish is considered a meat.

Does Asian leopard cat like eating fish or cheese or meat or humans?

they dont like eating cheese or meat or fish but they dont hate them except for the cheese i think ;)

What food gives us protein?

There are a few things such as fish and meat! These help us your repair bones and make you grow and be stronger!