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Q: Does eating malunggay make blood sticky?
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How the malunggay make a shampoo and soap?

how to make malunggay soap?

How do you make a Malunggay an Ointment?

to do malunggay ointment just chop malunggay....and then pure it thats all :p....

Is it possible to make coffee from malunggay seeds?

Traditional coffee can't be made with malunggay seeds. Many people make a hot beverage with malunggay leaves as an alternative to coffee and call it malunggay coffee, but it is more like a tea.

How do you make Malunggay Cooking Oil and what are the Instructions?

A person can make malunggay cooking oil by combining coconut oil and malunggay leaves. The oil is used in many recipes and is said to ward against cancer.

How do you make oregano and malunggay ointment?


What do you do if your child eats Sticky Tack?

Eating sticky Tack should not harm your child. It is not toxic. Just watch the child to make sure he or she is not in any discomfort.

Malunggay ice cream recipe?

Foods made from malunggay include certain breads, vegetarian noodles, cookies and tea. Malunggay is a herb providing nutrients and medicinal benefits to increase energy and relaxation.

How do you make a malunggay a medicine?

ambot nimo teh.....

How do you making malunggay coffee?

The method to make Malunggay coffee .Malunggay produces a leaf that must be used within 3 days. Use clean coffee pot and quality filters and good coffee.

What can be cured by malunggay leaves?

how important is the malunggay leaves Malunggay leaves have the ability to make forced diuresis...especially for those who have diuretic comes from the powder of the malunggay LEAVES...Moringa oleifera has the ability to be antiasthmatic...for more information please go to this website: ...:-)

Is eating can affect the body?

if you eat healthily it will effect the bidy in a good way but if you eat too much junk then your body wiil build up in fat. it also makes your blood thick and sticky which can make you have blood clots. Eating badly can also give you horrible diseases like diabetes. if you have watched the change for life advert you will know

Yes this is my question how to make ampalaya juice using the leaves?

how to make malunggay juice