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If your an alchoholic, yes. For most people two 12oz servings of reg beer (less than 6% alchohol) is a benefit. It can reduce the risk of heart problems, but as my professor said, don't be a hero. More is not better.

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Yes, it does... It affects your brain, your health, your environment around you, and your life. If your an alcoholic you can damage your life because all that you want in life is beer or liquor. Once you sip that beer, whether its 12 oz, 2 oz, or 3 oz, it goes down your throat, to your blood stream and goes to your liver. After that drink, you have ANOTHER drink, it goes to your liver. The liver can not clean out your system with all that beer inside you so what happeneds is it clogs up, and your liver says " STOP, STOP,STOP". You don't stop. It repeats. Your damaging your life.

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Q: Does drinking beer have great side affects?
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Will you get drunk from drinking root beer?

No side affects. It is a soft drink.

What happens when you are drunk from drinking beer?

You take a walk on the wild side

Are cigarettes as dnagerous as drinking beer?

Cigarettes, if taken excessively have fatal side effects as well as beer. You could say that they are as dangerous as each other.

What are the side affects with rispiadol?

There are a great many side affects with Rispiadol. This drug can cause heart problems and high blood pressure for example.

Can drinking beer give any negative side effects?

Yes. Intoxication ( drunkenness ), strong gas, hangover, overworked liver from too much beer.

What are the side affects of taking a Darvocet while drinking alcohol?

If you don't die, you get even more stupid than you were before you took it.

What Side effects to drinking beer?

Dizziness, hard to stand, squinting when in bright light, can't walk straight, memory loss. These happen with any alcohol.

Can you sue someone for falling down stairs with no rail there while having a few beer?

Yes, but the jury won't side with you if you were drinking and you'll likely lose.

What is the big drink with the beer sticking out on the side?

What is the drink with the beer sticking out of the side

If you are taking a 25Mg dose of Zoloft is it OK to drink small amounts of alcohol?

I am on 25mg of zoloft and i have an occasional beer or two with no adverse affects. Just be aware of side-affects so that you can be on the lookout. Side-affects can include depression or an increased affect from the alcohol, so drink slowly and test the waters first. But, most importantly, it is not know to kill you or anything.

What are the side affects from drinking tea?

The side effects are mainly related to the caffeine content in black tea (though less than coffee). Overconsumption can result in side effects including:insomnianervousness / restlessnessstomach issuesnausea & vomitingincreased heart rate

Does drinking beer have great side effects?

Yes. It can lead to alcohol abuse and dependence, obesity, liver disease, increased rate of accidents (as well as suicides and homicides), and many more problems. If you are of age, and drink in moderation (1-2 beers per day, at most), the side effects tend to be fairly minimal - in most people.