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Yes they both cause dehydration together they cause even more dehydration drink lots of water with this especially dehydrating mixture other than that you'll be fine just avoid heat as you will be prone to heatstroke due to the dehydration

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Q: Does creatine effect amphetamines
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Do any cholesterol lowering drugs contain amphetamines?

No, there is no FDA approved drug for "cholesterol lowering" that contains amphetamines. It has no effect on cholesterol.

What role does creatine play in the develpoment of lean muscle mass?

Creatine occurs naturally in the body and is an amino acid. Studies on the effect of creatine on the acquisition of lean muscle mass give mixed results though and the general consensus is that creatine can sometimes help with this, but not always.

If you exercise regulary will your creatine be higher?

Creatine is the substance released by your kidneys when they are failing. So in effect no, exercise does not increase those levels. Although some may say creatine is good for muscle building, which it is, but it is quite harmful to your kidneys.

What effect does creatine phosphokinase have on muscle activity?

Creatine phosphokinase is found in the muscles of the skeletal system as well as the heart and brain. It can effect muscle activity by impairing the muscles from doing the job they are supposed to and adversely affecting the human body.

What has the author Scott E Lukas written?

Scott E. Lukas has written: 'Amphetamines' -- subject(s): Amphetamine, Amphetamine abuse, Amphetamines, Drug abuse, Drugs, Juvenile literature, Physiological effect, Toxicology 'Amphetamines (Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs)' 'Amphetamines Danger in Fa'

What is the chemical formula of creatine kinase?

Creatine Phosphate + ADP --> (Creatine Kinase) --> Creatine + ATP

Creatine phosphate functions in the mucle cell by?

Creatine phosphate + ADP_______> creatine + ATP This is catalyzed by the enzyme creatine kinase.

What vitamins have creatine?

Vitamins are totally different things to creatine. Good sources for creatine are fish and red meat. If you are willing you can also look into supplementing creatine. Creatine monohydrate is the most proven type of creatine supplement.

Can drugs cause tremor as a side effect?

These drugs include amphetamines, antidepressant drugs, antipsychotic drugs, caffeine , and lithium.

Can you smoke weed everyday and take creatine aswell?

Yes, you can. The two have no apparent effect on the other-speaking from personal experience.

Creatine derived from?

how creatine supplements are manufactured

Which enzyme is responsible for the phosphorylation of creatine?

Creatine KINASE