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caffeine acts as a diaretic for those who are not used to it, and by drinking it you will go pee more frequently throughout the day. for those who are used to it it will have no effect on the body

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Not usually. Vitamin C and some drugs can change the color of urine, not coffee.

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Q: Does coffee change your urine color?
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Can coffee color urine?

Yes coffee can color urine. Caffeinated coffee is known to cause discoloration of the urine typically ranging from a light yellow to a dark amber color. Additionally coffee can have a strong odor particularly when consumed in excess. The discoloration and odor of urine can be caused by the following: Caffeine Tannins Other compounds present in coffeeThese compounds are metabolized by the body and excreted in the urine resulting in discoloration and a strong odor. Thus drinking too much coffee can lead to discolored urine.

Does ct dye change the color of your urine?

Does computed tomography Dye change the color of urine when excreted

Can radishes change your urine color?


Can you change the color of your urine physically?

Yes, disease, pregnancy, dehydration can all change the color of your urine. You can also change the color by simply drinking a lot of liquids with food coloring in them

Does change in color of urine mean you are pregnant?

No ususally darker urine means you need to drink more water. The color of urine is not a sign of pregnancy.

Why does the hair change color?

because of the sun and urine.

What fruits are eaten will change color of urine?


What diuretic can change the urine color?

sulfa diurtic

Is Nitazoxanide change urine color?


What color is urine if your going through menopause?

There is no change in the colour of urine during menopause.

Do carrots change color of urine?

Yes, the pigment from the skin of the carrot is excreted in your urine.

Can urine color change during early pregnancy?

No it does not have to change colour if you are pregnant.