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Q: Does cell stop dividing when people are 20 years old?
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What happens when a cell cannot stop dividing?

you get cancer

What is cell division controlled by?

Genes called proto-oncogenes stop a cell from dividing too often.

What is controls cell division?

Genes called proto-oncogenes stop a cell from dividing too often.

What happens if cells stop dividing?

Then the cell colony and the organism it is associated with will die

Does cancer start when cells stop growing and dividing?

everybody is born with cancer cell. No cancer does not start when cells have stoped growing and dividing. it is simply because the cancer cells are getting agrrivated witch makes it start.

When do cell divide?

Cells stop dividing when your energy source is depleted. That's why you die when you don't eat.

What are the 2 way that cell know to stop dividing?

contact inhibition and "go, no-go" switches

What are the 2 ways cells know when to stop dividing?

Cells stop dividing because the telomeres, protective bits of DNA on the end of a chromosome required for replication, shorten with each copy, eventually being consumed, as described in the article on telomere shortening.

Why vincristine and adriamycin fatal to cell?

These are common chemotherapy drugs that stop cells from dividing thus leading the cells to die.

When cells touch do they stop dividing?

Cells usually stop dividing when they touch one another.

Do liver cells also stop dividing after birth?

All cells will stop dividing when you die. When you're born, cells slow down the dividing, but don't completely stop.

How do you stop cancer cell from dividing?

"Normal" cells stop dividing when they come into contact with like cells, a mechanism known as contact inhibition. Cancerous cells lose this ability. Pictures of cancer cells show that cancerous cells lose the ability to stop dividing when they contact similar cells.